Saturday, April 22, 2006

Sunny Soho

I had a really good day today! The weather was very sunny all day. I left before lunch for a walk to the Camden Markets and browsed for a bit; then hopped on a bus to Aldwych. I had to go to my bank but it was closed.

I planned to go to a museum around there anyways called the Huntarian Museum. It's based on specimens from John Hunter who was a pioneer surgeon in the 1700's. He would disect humans and animals to study anatomy. So in the musem there are tons of jars with things in them from fetuses, to intestines! It's pretty interesting if you can handle it. There are also oddities like examples of elephantitis inflicted limbs to a 7'7" skeleton of who was known as the "Irish Giant." It also showed instruments that surgeons first started using! Yikes! There was one kit for amputating limbs (without anesthesia!) Anyways, I like biology, so it was very interesting for me. There was no photography allowed but I snuck one pic in below!

After that, I started walking towards Soho. It's such a neat area! There are cafes everywhere with tables outside on streets that cars rarely drive down. In a way, it reminds me of Paris (the outdoor cafes that is). I stopped for a mocha in one of the cafes.

I went home after that and ended up going to a few pubs with Garreth and 4 of his friends. They were fun and we also went to an Italian restaurant and had pizza - really good!!!

Now I have to go to bed!! Night night!


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