Sunday, April 23, 2006


Today was the London marathon. Unfortunately it was a grey rainy day but I went down to watch the runners anyways! The marathon is about 26miles long and they block off a whole bunch of roads. I went near the end of the course on the Thames south of Aldwych and watched and walked my way up to Big Ben. There were some hilarious costumes worn by some of the runners! Examples: A girl dressed as a toilet, a few bigfoots (bigfeet?), Batman, Santa, Super Woman, a bunch of fairies (guys and girls), a couple bears, and one guy had the guts to wear just a tiny leopard print thong! It was quite hilarious!

While I was walking my shoes completely soaked through and my socks were sopping wet! My feet were sloshing around in my shoes! It wasn’t comfy at all! I was planning on going to the 4:30 service at Hillsong but I just couldn’t; I just wanted to go home and soak my cold feet in a bath and put nice warm dry socks on.

I finally made it home and did some grocery shopping. Now I’m going to make dinner and veg out on the couch and watch TV…it’s one of those kinda evenings!


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