Sunday, April 16, 2006

Hanging Out

Today was a social day (a nice change)! During the day I met up with Gareth and his friend James. They wanted to look around the City area to find a venue for a party they are throwing in May. The area was interesting (near Brick Lane). I probably wouldn't have looked around that area if I wasn't with others. It's not too pretty and it's more of a working area (quite dead since it's Saturday and a holiday). But I'm glad I saw a different part of town other than the popular touristy spots. We looked at a couple pubs and stopped at a German Beer House for some food and a pint of weiƟbier. It was soooooo good! German food always hits the spot!

I left them after dinner to hangout with my friend Helle. I went to her place and we bought chocolate cookies, drank tea, and watched a movie. Perfect end to a day of walking about the town!


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