Saturday, April 08, 2006

Camden Market

I tackled the markets today! I was a very bad girl because I ended up buying a bunch of stuff...I couldn't help it! There are so many neat clothes and things! And I'm getting so sick of wearing the few things that I packed; I need more variety. I bought a necklace, bracelet, a few shirts, a black blazer type jacket, a dress, and some really nice vintage brown suede boots - the boots were my splurge, the rest of the stuff was pretty cheap. I would look around in a store and some of the sales people would pounce on me and make me try on stuff; So I did, and then I'd say, naw I don't think so... then they would lower the price and it would go on until it was quite a deal... then I just gave in. But other places were quite aggressive and I had to be rude to get the point across that I was just looking!

There was a big crazy clothing store which looked like a UFO inside complete with life-sized human figures attached to the walls in capsules and the floor was metal. It was like a dance club too with blaring techno and black lights! Even the people who worked there were all dancing and in the strangest outfits, they looked like aliens!

I ate a late lunch in the market and as I was eating, a pigeon dropped a load right infront of me on the picnic table just missing my food. It was pretty funny because there were people all around; We had a laugh!

Here are some pics of the crowd around the markets and the last two are of things I bought today:


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