Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Another exhausting day. A few days ago I booked a ticket to see the Pixar Exhibit at the Science Museum. I took the bus down there and took some random pics of the ride: An example of "Pret", my fav place to grab a quick bite; me on the bus; and The Strand).

Unfortunately, I wasn't allowed to take pics in the Pixar Exhibit. It was pretty cool though. There were a bunch of concept art and sculptures. They showed their short movies and an animation created just for this exhibit; it was shown on a very wide screen and was very well done! There was also this contraption (I forget what it's called, starts with a "z") that was made up of rings and had Toy Story character figurines attached to it in different poses so when it spun and the strobe lights went on, it looked like they were all moving.

After that I decided to see the rest of the museum. Museums take a lot of effort! So much walking and so many things to see and take in. It was interesting but I had to leave and sit down with a cuppa. I took the bus back to Piccadilly and walked through the Burlington Arcade; Lots and lots of jewelry stores. I was almost blinded by all the bling! It was great! I then grabbed a pain au chocolat and tea and headed home.

Tonight I'm making pasta and taking it easy since I start my first UK job tomorrow (see last post) I found out today that they extended the hours so it'll be from 8am-6; I get a paid lunch though, so that's alright. We'll see how it goes!


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