Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Movie Premiere

Today was a strange day. I did two of the most opposite things you can do! A museum and movie premiere. On my way to the museum I saw this little store, it has a pretty sweet name if you ask me...(one of my nick names!)

First off, I headed to the John Soane's Museum (the one that I tried to go to yesterday). He was one of Britain's greatest architect's in the late 1700s and 1800s. He bought a few flats and turned them into his home and eventually a museum to house all the artifacts and art he had collected over the years. There is a lot to see! Old paintings, Roman sculptures, books,'s basically the exact way he left it when he died in 1837. The house is my dream house, it has many floors and is full of nooks and crannies! Lots of random windows and little passages. I snuck 2 photos of the atrium area from the basement below.

After the museum I headed to Leicester Square where the Mission Impossible 3 premiere was going to take place. I was told 3-4:00 would be an OK time to get a good spot but I got there at 2:30 and the first row was already taken up behind the barriers. I found out that Tom Cruise was going to show, so I thought "What the heck, might as well wait it out and see what this is all about!" Lets just say that if I had known how long I would have ended up staying there, I wouldn't have done it! Below, a pic of the outside of the Odeon Theatre where it took place.

It was kinda neat seeing them put down the red carpet. And soon the paparazzi and entertainment shows arrived (ET, Extra, Access Hollywood, etc were all there). I was situated in front of the Odeon Theatre across the carpet from the entertainment networks. The first to arrive was Tom; he got there about 5:30ish. He took a long time with the fans and even kissed a cute old woman who was turning 80 that day, she had birthday balloons and was brought into the premiere and interviewed by all the shows! I didn't see Tom till a few hours later because he was taking a long time signing autographs and taking pics with fans in another area. Meanwhile, the other actors arrived. Here are some pics! Keri Russell, Michelle Monaghan, and me and Jonathan Rhys Meyers (one of my favs!).

It took forever for Tom Cruise to come to our section because he had to run in and introduce the movie; then he came back out and had to be interview by about 20 shows before finally coming back to the fans. He made it to our section at around 9:00ish!!! I was thinking about leaving before then because my feet were really sore but I had already waited for a few hours and what's a little longer! When he came though, it was like an avalanche of people!!! It felt like I was in a mosh pit! I barely got a good pic even though I was close enough to touch him. Oh well, I exchanged emails with a nice girl named Takako whom I was chatting with and we will exchange pics (she got some good ones). There were paparazzi on step stools barging through and I ended up "sharing" one of the step ladders to get a few more shots, but it was impossible; I just held my camera up and snapped whatever happened to be in the shot. Haha! It was crazy but fun! It really makes you think how much it would suck to be a celebrity. People were just going nuts over him and yelling his name! I bet he can't go anywhere on his own without a million body guards.

It was kinda neat seeing everyone get interviewed and get there pics taken just like you see on TV. But I think the novelty is over now after seeing this. I'm not sure I'd want to wait that long again! Unless it's someone I'd really like to see like Angelina Jolie for example!


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Melissa said...

Hey Travel Girl! I just finished reading your whole blog (yes, it's a slow day at work) and I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE it. I love to travel but haven't made it to London yet. I'm considering it for the spring of 2007 though. All of your photos are great. There are so many colorful neighborhoods! Your pix of Tom Cruise are amazing too. I can't believe you got that close to him--but 7 hours is a loooong time to wait for anything. How exhausting for him to go through that whole crowd, but how nice of him.

You mentioned "Vic" and I can only guess you're from Canada? Also, you mentioned a couple agencies (like BUNAC and SWAP). What are these? Also, how did you find your apartment? It sounds and looks ideal. I look forward to reading about your continued adventures in London...also I recall you mentioned Greece. Plans for a side trip?

Oh, and good luck finding a job!