Tuesday, April 04, 2006

All over the place

I had a late start to the day (a lazy morning) and headed out a little after 12:00. I did an errand, then walked through Soho to Trafalgar Square and down Pall Mall to St.James. I kept going till I hit Hyde Park and Kensington High Street. I caught a bus to Notting Hill and walked through Holland Park and back to Kensington High Street where I finally stopped and had a well needed break at a popular cafĂ© called “Pret a Manger”; They are everywhere! I had a yummy salad with motza, olives, tomato, and avocado….It was sooo good!

Pics Above: Trafalgar Square, Pall Mall, and St. James Palace (where Prince Charles lives).

Next I walked up Billionaire’s row (where Kensington Palace is as well as what’s called the most expensive house in the world (worth over 100,000,000 pounds!) Then hopped on a bus to Tottenham Court where I bought a few things including a big mug for my assam tea (which I’m addicted to!) I finally got back home at 7ish and made dinner and watched a movie. Wow, another day full of walking! My feet hate me right now!

Pics above: Holland Park and the most expensive house.

PS: I really recommend taking the buses here. Most of them are double-decker so you get a great view. I never take the Underground if I can help it because you can’t see anything and it’s hard to get the feel for the city when you are underneath it! Buses are also cheaper and less crowded and there are so many of them!


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