Friday, April 14, 2006

It’s a Beautiful Day!

This morning I woke up at 7am to the loudest clattering noise! It sounded like bad hail or very heavy rain. I finally got up to look out the window and there were tons of horses trotting up the street! It was a group about 20 horses long and 3 horses wide. The riders were on the middle of the 3 horses and lead the 2 on either side. The horses where the exact same color, size, and shape and the riders looked the same, it was like a looping movie clip. By the time I fumbled for the camera they were gone and I went back to sleep. Weird.

Today I was set on going to some museums since it was rainy and icky out. I decided to finish the Natural History Museum, since I had to leave because I was sick last time. I finally made it there by bus (45mins) and the lineup was incredible!!! I knew it was going to be busier because of the holiday but this was ridiculous! So I scrapped that idea and just headed down a side street and decided to get lost in the Chelsea and Kensington area; It’s very easy to get lost since all the streets are winding all over the place and quite a few have no street signs. It was beautiful! The sun ended up coming out and it was warm, I had to take my jacket off! (the first time that has happened!) Here are a few residential streets, very posh!

Then I ended up at Hyde Park and walked from one end to the other. I made it to Speaker’s Corner, where people will take turns on the soapbox and rant about things while others argue with them. It was quite entertaining! The guy on the soapbox was a Christian and saying how Jesus is the son of God and others were arguing with him (one was a Muslim and another, an Irish man who thought that Jesus was Irish) The Christian made the best points and had the best arguments of course! (the group of people in the third pic below is Speaker's Corner)

I found a bus that took me to Oxford Street and I walked all through Soho and up Carnaby Street. I was soooo tired and hungry and wanted my favorite café (Pret) but I couldn’t find one that was open. I didn’t care if I saw anything else I walked right by Piccadilly Circus because it was now 7:00 and I was starving. Finally I found an open Pret and wolfed down a sandwich and headed home. Over 8 hours of walking today! Again, my feet hate me…


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