Thursday, April 20, 2006

First Day at Work

I started a 2 day temp job today at a car dealership. It's a receptionist position which I've never done before! I left 45 mins before it started because I wanted to walk there (it's quite close but I wanted to make sure I was early like any good worker would do!). I walked down Finchley Road and thought I saw it in the distance beside a Mercedes dealership; I was over 20 mins early so I thought I'd detour around the block and get there 10 mins early (which is a better time). Once I made it around the block I saw that the dealership wasn't beside Mercedes like I thought it was!! I started to panic a bit because I didn't want to be late for my first UK job! I still had 10 mins to figure out where is was, so I backtracked thinking I had been blind and missed it; Finally I saw a tall poll with the logo at the top on the corner of Finchely and a long side rode. I ran down the road and it led to a large supermarket, the dealership was on the other side of the market, so I made it with 1 min to spare! haha!!

When I got there, I received a crash course in using the phone and was introduced to a few people. It was quite a stressful day! There were a ton of phone calls and I had to transfer them to the right people or take messages; sometimes there would be 3 calls at once and I just couldn't get to them all! Some accents were quite strong too, so it was hard to hear their names. They were also short staffed so a lot of the messages didn't get returned since everyone was very busy. I had to deep breath on my breaks to calm my nerves. The day went by fast though; 10 hours seemed like 2! I also got quite a few comments on my accent; people would ask where I was from and why I came to London so it was nice to chat for a bit. I think tomorrow will be a little easier since I will know what to expect and more people will be in. I hope it goes ok!

Now I'm at home relaxing and I'm going to make some tea and watch TV. Garreth went out to buy food and I asked him to pick up some nutella for my crumpets!! mmmmmm!


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