Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Getting Lost

Today I felt like going for a nice walk around the more residential areas in Hampstead and Belsize Park. It was pretty nice out today so I headed out earlier and walked up to Hampstead Village. I saw this cute lane with old stone stairs leading up so I decided to check it out; I got to this really cute dead end with cottage type buildings and there was a good view over Hampstead (pic of rooftops below). I meandered all through these cute residential streets, it's so beautiful! Very hilly and full of character, trees, and big old houses!

I made it back to the village and stopped for a frappuccino and studied some Greek. I headed home and diverted to another side road and I got lost all through Belsize Park (closer to where I live). It was really nice! I love this area sooo much! If I stay in London after Greece I definitely want to live in the same place; it's pricier but it's worth it! You pay less in transportation, it's safe, clean, close to shops, has a village atmosphere, and it's so beautiful as the pics show! If you visit London and feel like getting out of the main city for a bit I definitely recommend Hampstead!


PS: I got a call today about a mini temp job for tomorrow. A very easy job sitting in a class while students write their exams. I'll have to make sure they don't cheat and collect their tests at the end! Sounds difficult but I think I can manage! lol! It's only for a few hours (maybe more, it might even be more than one day) and it pays a little more than the last job, so why not!

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