Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Template Change

I was getting sick of the way my blog looked so I changed it! I want to figure out how to customize it so I can create my own look, but I want to make sure I know exactly what to do first - in case I try a change and it erases my entire blog or something horrific like that!

Tony made it to Samos on the ferry. He arrived at 4am on Monday and was given a bunch of new gear (guns, a tent, etc....) and by 11am he and everyone else left for a 12 day camping trip in the middle of no where! He did not expect that at all, so he didn't get a chance to charge his phone; We'll only be able to talk for a few minutes in the next week and a half. He'll have to do training, missions, and exercises in crappy weather; He said it was really cold there already and this week is supposed to be bad (there is even snow in some parts of Northern Greece!) So "poor Tones" is all I can say!

PS: There was a crazy rainstorm all night and this morning I took some pics of the after effects and I'll post them tomorrow.


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