Tuesday, October 24, 2006


My weekend went very quickly because I was busy. Last week was rainy and pretty cold (unusual for this time of year); I kept my bike under a flimsy tarp most of the time so it wouldn't get rusty.

This weekend though turned out to be warmer and the sun came out again! Now the weather is back to normal. I decided to go for a hike on Saturday since I could (no rain). I went to one of my favourite walks around the Ancient Quarries of Marathi. I like it there because it's secluded, there are some really cool caves that you can go into, and there is a trail up one of the mountains so it's good for the legs!

I came across a skeleton! It's probably a goat or something (there are no deer here). I walked up to the top of the mountain where there is a little monastery and crumbling rock silo. I'm so used to the land changing colour to oranges, browns, and reds in the fall but here it's the opposite; the plants get revived by the rain and cooler climate so everything turns green and will stay green for the winter. New grass is starting to grow to replace the dead brown grass and random plants and flowers are growing where there used to be just dirt (including my front yard!) It's interesting to watch everything change.

On Sunday it was even warmer! Linda and I went for a walk and ended up going for a swim in the early evening; the water was colder from all the rain but it was still nice and refreshing! We made pizza and carbanara afterwards (pretty much pigged out!)


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