Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Army Update

Ok, here’s an update of what Tony is up to in the Army.

So far he has undergone all types of training such as, shooting, guarding, raiding, and combat. He has had to go on massively long hikes carrying a lot of weight and also night training where they camouflage their faces and go on training missions in the middle of the night.

A week and a half ago (Friday), Tony officially became part of the Special Forces. He was in a ceremony and received his Special Forces beret (as seen in the pics)! On that same day he was moved from the base in Megalo Pefko (near Athens) to a smaller base even closer to Athens where he’s learning Communications for a month.

In a few weeks he’ll be moved to a base on Samos (an island near Turkey) where tougher training will start. He’ll have to start the water training and will have to swim in the freezing cold water!

Dates and plans seem to change so much in the Army, so he really doesn’t know exactly when and what he’ll be doing until a few days before (or that very day!). So things may change. I really don’t know when I’ll see him next; we heard when you go to Samos, it’s harder to get time off. I may try to see him in Athens at the end of November because he has to write a test there; we’ll see if it works out, might not.

I think that’s all the news that I know of. These are some pics he took with his new phone/camera. Below is where he sleeps in the bunker.


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