Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tony Sighting!

Tony came for the weekend again! This time it was Sat night till Monday evening. It was voting time on the weekend so a lot of people came home to vote for a new Mayor, that’s why Tony got 2 weekends off in a row.

We had a great time hanging out! Monday was my first full-time work day but when my boss heard that Tony was visiting, he let me go early so I could spend more time with him! I also skipped Karate so I could see him off at the ferry.

We rented a movie, went for coffee, did a few errands, relaxed, and learned how to make some food (Linda taught us how to make chicken a la cream and crepes!) I also learned how to make pasticcio on Friday, mmmmm!

I’m not sure when I’ll see Tony again because in 2 or 3 weeks he will be moved to a base on Samos Island. It will be tougher there and he may not get as many breaks. It could be up to 2 months or so till he can come home again. We’ll see, I hope it’s sooner. I’ll put up an Army update tomorrow because he has new pictures from the base.

Us being sad right before Tony's ferry came to take him away again. lol!


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