Friday, February 09, 2007

Yellow Belt and Half Way

Last night I had my testing in Karate for the next level. There were 3 categories :
Kihon - you preform stances, kicks, and punches in a group; the Sensei tells you which ones to do.
Kata - a memorized set of movements that you preform on your own.
Sanbon Kumite - with a partner, you do 5 attack and defense combinations.

I'm a dangerous, highly skilled, yellow belt now! It was neat getting the belt and certificate during the little ceremony. Once we all got our new belt colors, we knelt and had to take our old belts off and replace them with the new ones. I felt bad for my white belt, like I was moving on without it, lol! I'll keep it though. Who would've thought I'd be taking karate this year? Definitely didn't see that coming (I wasn't planning on living in Greece either) - interesting things happen sometimes. I'm glad I started karate because I really do love it!

Today is also a big day because Tony is exactly half way through his Army duty! Now he has 6 more months and we are both eagerly counting down. It'll probably be easier in the last half because it'll be all downhill from now on and the weather will be getting nicer too!



Melissa said...

Congrats on the yellow belt!

Travel Girl said...

Thanks! :)