Sunday, February 25, 2007

London Town 2

On Sat I was able to get out and explore London. In the morning I said bye to Gareth since he was going to be going away for the rest of the weekend. And I took off on the tube to Oxford street to do a little shopping. I found a very cute bathing suit for just £16! That's mainly what I was looking for. I kept walking towards Hyde Park where a huge protest was going on with hundreds or thousands of people walking along with signs and flags, yelling. The police were all there and they had to close down some major streets too! They were protesting about the war in Iraq and Tony Blair.

I kept walking across the park to the Natural History Museum and saw the London Fashion Week tent. They had a big sale on inside with all the new designer stuff on discount. I didn't go in because I would've just browsed and didn't want to pay for that. The Victoria and Albert museum is right beside that, so I went in there for a look around. They had a fashion section and a highlight on 60's fashion. It was interesting but my favorite part was the Medieval section where they had these big beautiful statues, columns, and arches in this huge room with very tall ceilings. It was sooo neat! I didn't see the whole museum of course; mainly just the first floor because I was starting to get rubber legs from walking so much and I wanted to head to Leicester Square to buy a ticket to the cinema and stop for a latte.

I caught a bus that I would take for a few stops and change onto a different one (because I was too tired to walk) but the traffic was soooo horrible. So I ended up having a relaxing 30mins on the bus just to go a few blocks down the road. Once I got off at Hyde Park Corner, I decided to walk the rest of the way. Lots of streets were shutdown for the protest you see. Everywhere seemed to be really crowded with people. I wasn't expecting so many people because it's not exactly high season. Maybe because it was a Saturday and the protest may have attracted some people? Luckily, since the roads were blocked off and pedestrian friendly, people just walked on those.

I bought my ticket to see "Music and Lyrics" at 6:00 and tried to find a place to sit with a latte. (had an hour or two to kill) I tried 4 different Starbucks and Cafe Neros before I found a place to sit down because they were all full of people.

Then I went back to the Odeon cinema which cost £12.50 - almost as much as my bathing suit! It's a cool cinema though. You have a choice of downstairs or the balcony (which is close to £20). And the chairs are all leopard print and the screen has pink drapes - sounds tacky but it's actually really cool. The movie was a cute, light, romantic comedy and of course I had to get stuck between 2 couples. I want my Tones!

Now it's Sunday morning and I have to leave to the airport in a few hours. Tonight I'll sleep in the airport and tomorrow I'll most likely hang out in Athens for the day (unless my sore throat gets really bad, then I'll head home earlier).

I'll be home Tues and post some pics. Cya!



Yuva said...

your saturday sounds like my just another weekend when i was living in london ofcourse expect the shop part and i used to have UGC/cineworld monthly movie pass... also, standup in central london used to be one of mine regular stop.

happy traveling

Melissa said...

Sounds like a fun day. I really want to see Music and Lyrics! Cute and light is just my style.