Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wave Hunt

Tonight, I pick Tones up from the ferry at about 1am. I can hardly wait! I just hope the ferries aren’t cancelled, it’s been really windy lately and they weren’t running on Sunday. So that’s what I’m waiting for right now…Tony! He’ll get to stay till Sunday I think. Update: Just talked to Tony and the ferries aren’t running at the moment, but hopefully in a few hours they will, he’s going to be late (hopefully not too too late!)

I’ll recap the weekend a little. On Saturday I had a weird dream that I was in a cliffside building looking out the window at humongous waves washing over the cliff; they were so huge and dangerous but really cool to watch. So when I woke up I wanted to find big waves (don’t ask me why, I just wanted to). So I went to Houhlakas, a secluded beach we used to go to in the summer. It can be dangerous because the waves can get pretty big and the coast is really rocky. Anyways, it was very windy so I thought for sure there’d be huge waves but when I got there, there were only ripples! The wind was going in the other direction. I took a few pics and hiked around a little though. At one point the wind was so strong, it almost threw me over a cliff and I had to sit down very quickly so it wouldn’t push me further! The third pic is from the road between Houhlakas and home with Paroikia in the background by the water.

After I left, I was going to head to the another beach on the opposite side but it started raining so I turned back. Oh well, some other time!

Here are some random pics. The first is of one of the main ferry lines that come here, Blue Star. There are about 2 or so ferries per day now but during the summer they are constantly coming and going. The next is of an old man and his donkey; it’s pretty common to see a donkey walking down the road with supplies on it’s back.

I also dyed my hair darker. The sun bleaches it so quickly to this sick, coppery, gross color that I hate (on me anyways, I can't pull it off). So I feel much better now with my “honey chestnut” color! Ignore the face – bad face day.


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