Tuesday, February 06, 2007

This n That

Lately we’ve had a cold spell and it’s very very windy!! On my motorbike, I feel like I’m going to blow over sometimes. It’s so cozy being inside though when you can hear the crazy wind outside but you don’t have to be in it.

Since it’s been cold, I had a lazy weekend watching movies and mainly staying in. Here’s a pic from my front yard of the dark clouds rolling in.

Makos and Linda let me have a goose egg. I had it for dinner the next day and it was like having 3 chicken eggs! It scared me when I cracked it open because the yolk was the size of a baseball! Ok, maybe not that big…

There are no hard feelings between my cat and me even after the gross half eaten mouse incident (which happened a second time the next day on my couch – different mouse)! Here are some cuddly pics. My cat is more like a dog, he follows me everywhere and Markos says when he hears my motorbike coming up the driveway, he bolts to my front door to meet me. He also has to sleep right next to me or on me, like the pics show.

Tones is coming for a visit next week! Wed night he’ll come for 2 or 3 days, so I’m counting down. Poor Tones just started a camping mission yesterday for the next 8 days (until he comes here). It’s the same mission he did when he first came to Samos where they set up tents in the wilderness. He must be sooooo cold! It’s supposed to rain too. I won’t hear very much from him since he can’t charge his phone and he’s not even supposed to bring it in the first place! I did talk to him last night for a few minutes and he’s in charge of everyone, even the Sergents (they take turns being in charge once in a while). Which means everyone comes to him to ask questions, he tells people what to do and where to go, he has to make sure everyone is accounted for. Sounds like a lot of work! He’ll be glad to come home and relax that’s for sure!!!



Melissa said...

a) GIANT egg!! Wow!
b) ADORABLE cat. Too cute. But 2 mice incidents? Are ya feedin' him enough? ;-)

Travel Girl said...

Lol, ya, he's just a big pig!