Thursday, February 01, 2007

Army Update

Tony is back at his base on Samos now. There are a bunch of new people at the base so Tony is higher up in the food chain. The new guys have been in the army for 3 months and Tony is coming up to his 6th month.

Here are some pics he sent me from his time on the ship. Below is the ship they were on, Tony on duty in the bridge, him in the room that the guys all shared, and one of the hallways.

Here are a few more: A boat they used to go on a water mission to smaller islands, a soldier after he was thrown in the water by a Sergent (luckily Tony didn't have that happen to him), an old Italian style building on Leros like the ones they use as mental institutions, and the last two are from Kos, I believe.

Tony may come for a visit next week (just found out today)! So I hope it works out!


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