Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I just talked to Tones and apparently there are scorpions everywhere at their camp! They are finding them in boots, helmets, and tents. Tony was empting out his tent while on the phone because he heard the "click click" of a scorpion in there. Yikes! I thought they would hibernate or something in the winter; I guess not. They probably just want a warm place to sleep.

In the summer Tony and I found one (I don't think I blogged about that). We were on our motorbikes going down the driveway at night and I saw the shadow of something walking in the headlights. Tony brought it back to the house on a stick. It was killed because they aren't nice to have around. There are 2 main types that I've heard about: a black kind and a yellow kind. The black ones are pretty harmless and their bite doesn't hurt too much; the yellow ones are very painful and you need medical attention right away!



Some Random Mechanic said...

So Disappointed I thought you were posting about the rock band the scorpions, oh well..

your cousin-in-law

Travel Girl said...

Lol! I was tyring to look up scorions to get the right pictures for the ones that are here and that band's fansites kept coming up instead.

Melissa said...

I'm a Scorpio but I still think scorpions are disgusting!!!

Travel Girl said...

Ya, they are scary looking things!