Saturday, February 24, 2007

London Town

I'm in London now (arrived last night). On Thursday night, I arrived at Athens Airport at around 2am and luckily I found a good spot on a bench to sleep. I didn't sleep much, but it was better than I thought. I think since the bench was pretty hard, it helped my back and since then my back has been feeling about 95% better. I caught my flight on Friday at noonish. When I finally arrived at Gareth's flat at 6pm, all I wanted to do was have a nap. I planned on having about a 1 hour nap then go out to a cinema but when I woke up it was midnight!! I completely fell asleep, I must've needed it!

Gareth came home around the same time so we caught up and watched some late night Eddie Murphy stand-up from the 80's for a little while. I went back to sleep and now I'm up at 8 today and I feel refreshed. I still have a sore throat and a headache but I've been pounding back the OJ and I took some Advil.

Today, I'm looking forward to checking out the V & A museum, the Fashion Week tents, a little shopping, and maybe the National Portrait Gallery if I have time. Tonight I'll go see a movie, maybe "Music and Lyrics" (all the girls at Gareth's work liked it).


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