Sunday, February 18, 2007

Tony Visit!

Well, lots has happened in the last few days! Tony has come and gone and we had a great time as usual. Tony came very late on Wed night and it was his birthday on Thurs. He’s now the big 22! Yes, he’s getting up there all right! Linda and I made a cake and we had it Thursday night. Here’s a pic: I decorated it and it turned out really ugly! I tried to spell “Happy Bday” in M&Ms but I ran out and then I put sprinkles on so the M&Ms became unreadable, oh well, it tasted reeeeeaaalllly good!

On Friday, I had the day off because my bosses went to Syros and they knew Tones would be here so they let me have more time with him (yay)! So we had a relaxing day just hanging out. We walked out to a lighthouse on the Northern side of the island. It was a really nice hike! There was a great view from the cliffs.

I had Karate, so Tones watched for a while and took a few pics: Only about half the class showed up because it’s a holiday weekend (everyone gets Monday off).

Later that night, Linda, Markos, Tones, and I went to Naoussa for a dinner put on my Markos’ work. It was at a restaurant in the harbor and there were many people sitting at long tables. There were all different types of food too; They’d put about 3 of each dish on the tables and you take what you want from the dish onto your plate like a buffet (but right in front of you). It was really good food! Different dishes kept coming and coming so it was filling. There was also live music and dancing later on. Here’s a pic of Linda and Markos dancing, too bad that guy’s head is in the way!

On Saturday, we went to Tony’s grandparent’s for dinner and had some great food. Tony’s papoose (grandpa) can play the Tsabouna which is made of goat skin and is kinda like a bagpipe but sounds different. He played if for us for a while; it was really neat! Tony should learn how to play to pass down the tradition!

In the evening, we went out with Manolis, Annie, and Flora for some dancing. We all dressed up in costumes because this whole week is known as Carnival. People tend to dress-up during the week and celebrate because this coming Monday is a holiday called “Clean Monday” which is the start of 40days of fasting. So me and Tones dressed up as vampires and the others had hilarious costumes! We went to a club in Naoussa and had a great time dancing till about 3ish.

This morning, we had to get up and pack because Tones had to catch the ferry at 10:30. It was a short but sweet visit as usual but he’ll be back in about 3-4 weeks, so it’s not that long! I have it easy this week, Monday is a holiday and next weekend will be a long weekend for me because I go to London! I’m looking forward to it.


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Melissa said...

I love seeing how new culture (b-day cake w/ M&M's) mixes with old culture (the bagpipe instrument). Fascinating! Thanks for the karate pix--cool studio! And, as usual, beautiful scenery on your hike. Glad you got to spend time with Tony!