Thursday, February 22, 2007

Leaving Today

I’m catching the 7pm ferry tonight and heading on my short trip to London. I should be excited but I’m a bit of a wreck right now which has put a damper on this trip.

Yesterday, my back started hurting; I went to karate anyways and could only do about half an hour of the lesson before it hurt too much, so I had to just lay down. I couldn’t sleep because every position was uncomfortable. And today, it still hurts and I’m not looking forward to carrying my backpack and sitting on the ferry for 5 hours then sleeping at the airport too! It may be due to the dampness of the air here; I thought it would be fine since I’m from an island in Canada but I’ve heard others have the same problem. Who knows! On top of that, I’m feeling stiffness in my neck which usually means a sore throat is coming on too. Darn it!! Pray that I get better or I may be in bed while I’m in London.

I have a few plans of what I want to do once I’m there (I only have 1 full day on Sat and 2 halfish days). London Fashion Week is happening and you can get tickets for the Fashion Weekend when they put all of the crazy designer stuff on discount. I might look into that, but I’d just be browsing. I also want to catch a movie at a real cinema with plush seats and a roof! What a treat! The theatres here are outdoor so they are closed for the winter. And I want to check out the Victoria and Albert museum, there are some neat exhibitions including Style of the 60’s.

On Monday I’ll get most of the day to hang out in Athens too which is nice. I think I’ll hit up a museum or two since I haven’t been to any there yet.

Wish me luck!

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Melissa said...

Oh, no! How terrible to be sick for your trip. I would go for the movie, since you haven't been to a theater in a while, and it's less taxing than browsing a crazy Fashion Week sale. I hope you feel better soon!