Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I'm back at home now. I got back last night and had a good time in Athens yesterday. Where did I leave off last time? Saturday in London. On Sunday I didn't have much time to see anything; I had to leave for the airport around 12, so I just bought some snacks for the rest of the trip and cleaned up and packed. By the way, I posted London pics in the previous post.

I caught my flight and landed in Athens at around 9:30pm. For some reason I thought I was going to land at 11:30. I was glad it was earlier because instead of sleeping in the airport like I thought, I had enough time to book a bed at Athens Backpackers (where I've stayed before). I was sooooo tired once I got there I just slipped into my bed and fell asleep.

On Monday I had the free breakfast and checked out. I wanted to go to the National Archaeological Museum but it didn't open till 1, so I took my time and walked around the National Gardens where I saw a bunch of Army guys practicing their marching. They reminded me of Tones.

I stopped at a cafe near the Museum too and had a frappe and people watched. It was right at an intersection and it was crazy watching the traffic and the scooters weaving through it.

The museum was interesting. Here are some pics: I feel bad for the horses that had to where bits like that in their mouths!

After the museum, I took the long way back to the hostel to pickup my bag. Around the University and National Library, the students were putting on a protest with big signs and a stage with a band singing. The police were all there too just in case. The university students haven't been in school since Christmas and there have been riots in the past couple months over new education reforms.

Once I picked up my bag, I took the metro to Pireaus and hopped onto the ferry. The ferry ride took less time than I thought because it didn't stop at Syros so I was on Paros at 10 and got on my bike and drove home. It felt good to be on my bike again and to breath the nice clean air. And of course my kitty was there ready to greet me when I came home. Here are a few more random Athens pics:


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