Friday, December 29, 2006

Get Together

Yesterday, after work, Linda and I popped over to one of Tony's aunt and uncle's house to drop off some presents for the baby (their son Vasilis and his wife had a baby in Aug and since they live on Milos and were visiting here, we got to see her for the first time this Christmas). We went to their place a few days ago too when Tony was here - mentioned in my last post. Anyway... We were just going to stay for an hour or so but ended up stay for a couple extra hours on top of that!

It's interesting listening to the Greek conversations going on and trying to figure out what they are talking about. I can pick out some words and can sometimes make out the subject of the convo but it's difficult. I wish there was a class to take over here!

When 9:00 came there were about 14 people (friends and family) in the house and even more food was flying out of the kitchen to the table (I was stuffed aready from snacks, not knowing we'd be staying for dinner too) so we ate more and left at around 10:00 even more stuffed! Tony's aunt Maria said that this wasn't much and that we'd have a full out dinner on New Years. I can't imagine how much food will be there that day then! I have to start eating healthier soon so when I start up Karate again in a little over a week, I won't be totally useless.

Vasili's took a pic of me and the baby on his phone. I know her name starts with "M" but I forget it. Technically, she doesn't have a name yet; not until she gets baptised, which will happen around Easter on Paros.

Some of my cousins back home have brand new babies or will have babies while I'm over here and I can't hold them. So instead, I got to hold a baby here!


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