Monday, December 04, 2006

Internet Finally!

I’ve been home since Thursday night but had no internet until now. Finally I can post my trip. I started work again on Friday but when I got there they were painting the place and all the desks were moved and I had a new computer but with no internet.

The last 6 posts are from my recent trip, so go down to the first one and work your way up. Warning: Some of them are ridiculously long!


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Melissa said...

I loved reading every word of your trip, and the photos are lovely, as usual. I especially like the panorama. Well done you!

I love that Athens lets the cats and dogs wander about--I wonder how they keep it from getting out of control.

Oh, and your troubles with the train--how stressful! Traveling can be quite a drain sometimes. But at least the celebration in Switzerland was a unique experience!

Ew and double ew about the ferry ride and the icky Milan man. I've never heard anything good about Milan.

Oh, as far as passport stamps go--I discovered first hand that they are nearly impossible to get when you are traveling within Europe. They just don't give them out anymore. I guess the only way to get them is when you enter Europe from the US, Canada, etc. But you'll only get one for the first country you land in. I so wanted an Italy stamp--not gonna happen. Me at the entry gate: "Pleeeease? Per favore????" Them: (do your best Italian accent with a condescending tone): "That is not possible." :(