Thursday, December 28, 2006

My Big Fat Greek Christmas

I’m back at work now and Tony left last night. Linda, Tones, and I had a really nice Christmas with lots of relaxing and pigging out on good food!

When Tony came on the 23rd in the morning, he had been on 2 ferries for over 20 hours, so he was very tired. We watched movies and relaxed all day. He helped me feed the animals and it took no time at all with Tony’s help! Here are some of the goats and the path to the food shed.

On Christmas Eve, we met up with Manolis and Annie for coffee. The four of us hadn’t hung out since the summer! Later in the day, Tony BBQ’d some lamb chops (below) for dinner. And in the evening we made cookies with Smarties in them and I tried to make egg nog from scratch and it actually turned out!

On Christmas day, the three of us opened some presents by the fire in the morning and ate lots of chocolate; It was really nice! Linda found and bought some marshmellows for our cocao too, which is a treat because you can't buy marshmellows here usually. Later in the day, Linda’s friend and her two boys came over and we had home made chicken soup for lunch. It was perfect on a cold day. And it was (and is) cold! It seems like the weather has gotten cold very quickly. Yesterday, it even snowed in Athens and I'd probably get frostbite of the head if I didn't have my helmet for my motorbike! So it was perfect being inside, with the fire going and good food, watching movies, and just chillaxing. My cat loves hanging out by the heater too. In the evening, we went out dancing with Manolis and Annie.

The day after (not called Boxing Day here) Linda made some yummy rice pudding and you guest it! - more relaxing and movie watching. In the evening we went over to Tony’s aunt and uncle’s house. Tony’s cousins were there: Antonios (who we stayed with in Athens) and Vasilis and his wife Flora (who we stayed with on Milos in the summer) We saw their new baby too. So cute!

Tony had to leave in the morning the next day (27th) but we found out the ferries had been cancelled all night because of the wind so he didn’t have to leave till the evening at 10:30! He pretty much got an extra day here! So that was a nice surprise. Yesterday was my first day back at work, but they said I could leave after only a few hours so I could hang out with Tony (My bosses are cool!). Tony was also able to add a bunch of music, pictures, and games to his phone (his phone does everything) and he was all organised with the packing and there was no rushing around to get ready like there sometimes is.

It was a really nice Christmas!


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Melissa said...

That does sound like a perfect Christmas!

Your kitty looks so content in front of the heater!