Monday, December 11, 2006

Sunny and Warm

The weather was ridiculously beautiful on the weekend. I don’t want to make any of you jealous but I can’t help it; I had to take pictures of me in my tank top and sandals in Dec! It’s such a novelty and I think it feels abnormal to have warmth outside when you’re counting down to Christmas. It was even warmer outside than inside. The evenings do get cold though.

Linda and I brought Markos to the ferry on Sat evening. He has a very long trip to Victoria ahead of him. So for now it’s just us girls. Tony found out when he gets to come home too. I think it’ll be Dec 20 till 26 but nothing’s for sure yet. It’s not too far away though!

Yesterday, I went for a nice walk along the coast around the main harbor. It was so warm I wish I had brought my bathing suit to suntan and see what the water was like. I saw someone swimming. On my walk I watched 2 of the big ferries come and go. There’s something about those ferries that make me feel excited and sad to see them. It’s because when I’m waiting for Tony to come of one of them, I can hardly wait to see it come around the corner into the harbor and when he leaves, I hate the ferries because they take him away.

When I got home, it was too nice to be inside so I grabbed a mandarin orange and ate it outside. My silly kitty was playing around and I got a few cute pics. This kitty thinks I’m it’s mom and he always wants attention. Sometimes he’ll be the biggest brat and knock things down and play with anything he can find. Other times he can be so cuddly and crawl up onto me and fall asleep. I also took some pics of my front yard area. It's so green now! A few months ago, there was no green, just dirt and yellow dead grass (and Louie the dog - our neighbour's).

Later in the day, I went upstairs and helped Linda wrap about 40 little presents for the kids at her school. They are putting on a Christmas Play this Wed. Then we watched a movie by the fire and drank hot chocolate! So Christmassy!


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Melissa said...

Your kitty is so adorable!!