Thursday, December 07, 2006

December Already?

I'm back into my routine and keeping quite busy. I have a ton of jobs to do at work like making business cards, wine lables, ads, and I've been printing out a ton of report cards for some local schools. I created some Christmas play invitations for Linda's school too and I might make a program for it as well.

The other day I was feeling Christmassy and wanted to decorate. I bought a string of mini lights and a tiny fake tree for 4 euro! When I got home to put the lights up in my place I realised that I couldn't really put them where I wanted to because the walls are plaster and you can't just stick in a little tack; it has to be a nail or nothing. So I hung them where I could and it looks so pathetic lol! It's just draped over my armoire and then over the window which has two little hooks for my non existant curtains. And when I plug them in, the wire has to go right infront of the door. That’s one thing I miss – wooden walls and tacks.

Tony’s dad, Markos, is leaving this weekend for a month in Victoria, Canada. He’s going to visit Sophia (for those of you who don’t know - Tony’s sister). So it’s my duty to feed the animals while he’s gone. There are chickens/geese, goats, 3 hunting dogs, and a puppy. I’m used to this though, I lived on a farm in Metchosin for 5 years and had to feed a ton of animals morning and night.

Karate is going good and we learned something new yesterday which was fun. The only way I can describe it is “Karate Chop!”. I forget the Japanese word for it but that roughly explains it. I’m still a white belt but I think in Feb, we’ll be able to test for the next level: yellow!

Tony did his 5-day mission last week and here are a few pics. Tony in some of his gear and the other is of a the type of shelter that they had to make and sleep in for those 5 days (very stealthy!). They were in the middle of nowhere and food got dropped from a helicopter and they had to find it. They also had to do some major hiking and raid two bases. After the mission was over, Tony and one other guy were declared to be the best soldiers on the mission and he was given 3 extra days off! So he gets an extra trip home!

It’s starting to feel more like winter here. It’s definitely not as cold as back home (it’s in the teens) and it has been really sunny lately but it gets really cold in the evenings. I find that on the motorbike in the evenings, my ears freeze off and I have to were a scarf or it’s way too cold to ride. I’m thinking of getting a helmet just to keep my head warm. Ya, that’s right, I don’t wear a helmet on my motorbike. If I was in Canada, I’d insist on wearing one, but here it’s just not as big of a deal. There are no highways or street lights because the roads aren’t busy enough (usually). And in the summer, you’d die with a helmet on from the heat!

I guess that’s it for now!



stampinsars said...

What a fun adventure you are on Michelle... having fun reading your blog! You have been to some pretty great places.

Sarah (MacKay) Froese

Melissa said...

That's a shelter?! Wow. I so could not hack it in the army. Congrats to Tony for being the best!