Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas time in Paros

Last week was pretty routine but on Wednesday evening Linda put on a Christmas play with all her students. I was the “official photographer” but my camera doesn’t seem to work too well indoors, so some pics turned out blurry. The performance was cute! And Santa came for a visit and handed out chocolate and presents for the kids. Near the end, Linda handed out certificates and then we cleaned up the little theatre.

The last few days, I’ve been helmet shopping. Usually, they don’t enforce the use of helmets much but around Christmas they bring in 8 extra police officers to set up road blocks. They travel around to different islands every 4 days. If I get a helmet now, I won’t have to worry about a ticket and it’ll keep me warm too! (I also don’t have a motorcycle license so that’s another reason not to get pulled over! Ssshhhh! lol)

On Sunday it was nice and sunny so I decided to go to Dryos, a little town at the opposite side of the island (south side). It took about 25mins to get there. There is a market that sells things you can’t get anywhere else on the island like: different teas, Asian and Indian cooking ingredients, and chutney. I bought some tea, instant noodles (like Mr. Noodles), and sweet chili sauce. I walked around Dryos a little too but it’s pretty small so it didn’t take long. Below, part of Dryos from the coast.

In the evening I took a few pics of the Christmas lights in town. It’s neat how they wind the lights around the palm trees. Pretty!

When I got home, Linda and I made some fried rice and spring rolls and watched a movie. I don’t know the last time I had Chinese food, probably in Canada! It was really good and filling!

On Sunday, I went for a nice walk along the waterfront and through Paroikia. The weather has been great this month! I think it’s rained only once in Dec so far. Unlike October which was quite rainy. I feel bad for everyone back home in Victoria. I heard it’s really horrible weather. Come over here for a visit then! Here are some pics around Paroikia and a funny café sign.

Tony comes home in less than a week! At first he was told he’d get out on the 20th then the 22nd. So who knows when he’ll know for sure. It’ll take over 20 hours on 2 ferries to get here too since some ferries seem to stop running in winter so he has to take the long way home. Hopefully by the 23rd, he’ll be in Paros. Below, Tones with some friends on Samos.



Alexandros said...

Well Drios Paros was one of my favorite spots last October when I visited this island for three weeks.

Travel Girl said...

Yes, Diros is nice a peaceful. I want to go back when the cafes are open and have more time to look around.