Monday, December 04, 2006

Tues, Nov 28 - Bern/Milan

In the morning I went down for the free breakfast and pigged out because I didn’t want to waste extra money on expensive Suisse food. I said bye to the girls and we exchanged emails.

Me, Zoe, Jenifer

I had to catch the train at 5:30 so I had the whole day to explore. I really wanted to go to Albert Einstein’s house. It took me a while to find it. It was neat to read about his life and see where he lived for a while. I didn’t know he dropped out of school for a bit. And this is the house is where he figured out the Special Theory of Relativity when he was only 26! He also started to work on the General Theory here as well. There was a short biographical movie on the next floor too. I hoped maybe some of his genius would rub off on me if I went there. I’m not sure it did. In his living room below:

What next? Just a bunch of walking, walking, walking, and window shopping, window shopping, window shopping. I stopped at the grocery store to get a bite to eat for my trip and only had a few Francs left so I had to be really cheap. I was craving salad, so instead of buying those ready made salads in the containers, I bought a bag of salad and a mini portion of dressing. I must’ve looked weird on the train eating salad straight from the bag but it was good and it cost not much at all!

The train ride back wasn’t too exciting because it was dark, so no view. I just read a magazine from cover to cover and left it there for whoever else wanted to read it.

It was about 10ish once I got to Milan and I just wanted to get to the hostel, have a shower and go to bed. I walked by the row of prostitutes once more, checked in, and slept like a log.


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