Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!

I’m back at work today and I had a great New Years!

On Friday night, Linda and I got ingredients for tacos which isn’t a popular food here so hard taco shells are difficult to find. We ate a bunch and it reminded me of Canada for some reason (I guess cuz I haven’t had them since then) and Linda hadn’t had a taco in years, so it was a nice treat. I also found ingredients to make sushi, so I want to have a Japanese night sometime.

On Sunday, I attempted to drive the jeep! It’s a standard and I don’t do standard – I’ve tried before but I always stalled. So I was surprised when I was able to drive with out anything going wrong (maybe because I deal with gears on my motorbike?). We also went hunting for potatoes. We had these hoe type things and dug around in one of the gardens for about 20 mins and uncovered about 3 potatoes lol! So we gave up. I don’t know if we were in the wrong spot or just had bad luck? Linda below. I also tried to chop some fire wood but I spent about 45 mins out there and had one piece chopped! Yikes. I was doing it the wrong way and the wood feels like it’s petrified (very dense like rock) Excuses excuses!

On New Years Eve evening, we went over to Gillian’s (Linda’s friend that was over for Christmas). There were a few people over and we played Trivial Pursuit, Rummy, and ate a ton of food and drank wine. We counted down and saw the fireworks in Athens on the TV.

On Monday I had the day off and we were quite busy! We went to Tony’s grandparent’s (yia yia and papous) for lunch. Tony’s uncle Pandelis was there too. Their house is so cute and is very old school Greek. We had a really filling lunch with rabbit, salads, rice wrapped in grape leaves (dolmathakia), homemade fries, cake, etc…..

After that meal we went for a walk with our neighbour Michelle around a nearby mountain. It was really nice and warm during the day but it started to cool down in the evening.

At around 9ish we headed to Tony’s aunt and uncle’s (Maria and Yiorgios) again for dinner. Oh my goodness! I can’t believe how much food Maria prepared! There were 13 people there and there were 13 different dishes! Some were in two platters for both ends of the table, so the table was packed full of food and so were we by the end of the night. We left at around midnight.

Now I’m back at work and I’m looking forward to 2007. It should be interesting! I get to experience Easter in Greece (it’s a bigger deal than Christmas here), my parents and brother will visit in May, Tony will finish the army in the summer, I’ll move back to the UK in Sept for a while before coming back to Canada…

Have a great year in 2007 everyone!!

PS: we made short bread cookies and I made a Tony cookie! Yep, I’m a dork. It has his pouty lips and greenish eyes!



Melissa said...

Sounds like you've got a lot to look forward to in 07. How exciting!

I hope this doesn't make me sound dense, but how did you meet Linda? Is she one of Tony's relatives?

Travel Girl said...

She is Tony's mom, I live in the suite in their house. I use her name instead of saying "Tony's mom" all the time. His dad Markos is in Canada right now, that's why it's just the two of us right now!