Monday, January 29, 2007

Greek Frappe Experience

I had a pretty good weekend. There was a big drop in the temperature over night; so on Saturday it was very mild and Sunday was freezing! We may get some winter weather for a while now.

I went to the View Cafe in Hotel Nikolas again on Sunday (it's becoming my favorite place to hangout). I got my usual frappe and used the free internet. I've decided that I should talk about the Greek Frappe. I'm totally addicted to them and have about one per day. It's a cold coffee drink with foam and it's really popular in the summer. Yes, there are frappes in other countries too but they aren't the same. For example in Starbucks, the Frappuccinos are kinda like coffee slushies with crushed iced, Greek Frappes are different. I get my frappe "μέτριος με γάλα" (metrios meh gala) - medium sweet with milk. You can also have it: "γλυκός" (glikos) - sweet, "σκέτος" (sketos) - no sugar, and you don't have to have milk. You have to have one if you come here! It's so nice in the summer, going to an outside cafe in the evening with friends and having a frappe...classic! Here's additional info if you want to research it a little more, lol:

Army Update: Tony is doing pretty well. He's still on the boat and they are at Kos right now which is a really nice island. When he's on duty (3 hour shifts) he has to keep an eye on the radar and radio in every half an hour. He's one of two guys trained in communications on the boat.

He'll be back in Samos on Wed or Thurs. He's getting pretty sick of being in such close quarters with the other guys. About 15 of them share a little room with rows of bunk beds very close to each other. They usually have a DVD or two going during the day or evening for whoever has free time and they are allowed out pretty often which is nice. This is a similar boat to the one Tony's on, he'll send me pictures of the real one once he's at Samos.


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