Monday, January 22, 2007

Walk to Naoussa

The weekend was beautiful! Sunday was even tank top weather and there were a few people swimming.

On Saturday, I went for a walk in the northern most harbour; from Kolimbithres to Naoussa. It was a nice walk along the water but it was very very windy! The sun was out though, so it wasn’t cold. On my way I passed a resort, right on the water, and ended up walking through the grounds to get onto the road from the beach. It had a heli-pad and a big pool right on the beachfront. Must be a nice place to stay.

When I made it to Naoussa, I explored the town a bit. It’s different than in the summer that’s for sure. Below is a pic of an area that, in the summer, is full of little tables and chairs and people everywhere! At night, it’s even crazier and you can barely even walk through the crowds. On the right, is a little but popular bar we went to for some fun dancing in the summer. Now it’s completely shut down and there is no one anywhere around.

Here are a few more pics of Naoussa.

I brought a few movies to watch upstairs in the evenings and both were really good and very intense: United 93 and Beyond Borders. I recommend both as they get your emotions going and Beyond Borders can really open your eyes.

Tony is still on Leros. They were planning on leaving the island for Kos on Friday but they had to keep their eye on a Turkish boat so he doesn’t know when they’ll leave. It looks like I won’t see him till after my trip in Feb, so over a month to go. That’ll be 2 months without my Tones! :-( He found out also that they used to ship mentally unwell people to Leros during the war and there are about 600 of them on the island. A lot of the people that live there work in the local institutions. Interesting.


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Melissa said...

Well that would explain how he wandered onto the grounds of a mental hospital so easily! LOL