Thursday, January 18, 2007

Name Day for Antonios

Yesterday was the Name Day for all of the Antonios's (is that right? Antonios' or Antonios's?) Anyways, for those of you who don't know what Name Days are, they are celebrated like birthdays here. Each day of the year celebrates a different name, the female and male version of the name (like Antonios and Antonia). And usually the kids get named after their grandparents therefore Tony is named after is grandpa and he has a few cousins with the same name too.

After Karate, Markos told me to come over to his parent's (Tony's grandparent's) house for dinner. So that was nice, there were a bunch of people over and a lot of good food to eat. It was fun! Tony took a picture of his grandpa on one of his visits (below). They got it framed and gave it to him. He's so cute! He feeds those animals behind and Markos built the rock building in the back.

I had a interesting convo with Tony on the phone too! He is still at Leros (until Friday) and while we were talking, he decided to go for a walk from the boat into town (Lakkis) ; they usually take a taxi. While he was walking along, he saw some really neat, big, old buildings and he kept walking and he saw a guy staring at him, then another, and another. He wondered why they looked kinda wierd and why were they staring? There were also plastic chairs set out around these big old buildings which looked odd. Finally a fourth guy came up to him and tried to say something but couldn't talk properly. He tried to ignore those guys and kept walking till he went through a gate and saw that he had walked through the grounds of a mental institution! Haha!! It was quite hilarious once he figured that out!



Melissa said...

Ha! That is a funny story!

What are those animals in the background behind Tony's grandpa? They look like small kangaroos.

Travel Girl said...

Ya, they are little kangaroo type things (I forget what they are called). That place has a whole bunch of neat animals like a mini zoo but instead, it's someones backyard. It's down the road from our house.