Monday, September 18, 2006

Wed, Sept 13 - York

In the morning we had breakfast at a little café (scones and tea of course!) and headed into the old town to York Minister (a huge cathedral). My Aunty Bev met up with here friend Margaret, who lives there, and Heidi, Eric, Lisa, and I checked out the cathedral. It is beautiful inside and we went into the crypt as well.

We all met up again a few hours later and went for lunch at a fish and chips restaurant (very filling!). We said bye to Margaret and went to the Yorvik Viking Museum. The museum was really neat! There was a section where you sit in a pod and it takes you through a town recreated as it would’ve been when the Viking lived there; complete with animatronic people and authentic Viking town smells which were quite potent and strong!

We did some clothes shopping after and met up to have a 3-course dinner at a restaurant called “Ate O’Clock”. Then we headed to bed. Us with our shopping below!


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