Saturday, September 09, 2006

Back in London!

I'm at my old flat now back in London! It's kinda neat being back here; I went through all the stuff I had left behind and had to throw a bunch out so I could fit it in my luggage on my way back to Greece. The weather is cooler, of course, but it's still pretty nice, just a few clouds and it's in the 20's. Gareth is out for the day so I haven't seen him yet; he hid the key for me so I could get in!

I'm so glad to be at the flat! I had a long night getting here. I took a ferry, a bus, a plane, a train, the Underground, and finally walked until I made it here at around 9:30am and I didn't sleep much at all. Oh well! I'm excited about being here and I just had a big mug of tea so I'll be fine.

After this post I'm going to head down to Oxford Street and look around and have lunch at "Pret a Manger" my favorite place to grab a quick bite here. I'm also meeting up with my aunt and 3 cousins today too! I think we are going to have dinner and then see "Les Miserables" tonight. Should be fun!


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Melissa said...

Wow, I think the only mode of transportation you missed was the bicycle! I hope you enjoy Les Mis tonight and don't fall asleep! Isn't it amazing how returning someplace you lived only a couple of months can feel like coming home?