Monday, September 18, 2006

Thurs, Sept 14 - York

In the early AM, I booked my train ticket back to London for later that day. We then had some breakfast and headed into town to check out the stores; York is full of cute and unique shops! We also walked along the old wall that used to enclose the whole town; now there are chunks of it missing, but you can still go for a nice walk along the remaining walls. After the wall, we walked by a proper hat shop and had to go in and try a bunch on! They were so neat!

For lunch we decided to go for high tea at “Betty’s”. It’s like the “Empress” of high teas in York (for all you Victorian’s, you know what I’m talking about). Eric decided to pass since it’s a girly thing to do, so we met up with him after. It took a while to get in but once we did, we got a great spot right by the window. The windows are huge and have stained glass near the top and the room itself has mirrors everywhere so the light bounces off everything! We had a really nice high tea.

After tea we all headed up the narrow spiral staircase to the tower of York Minister. What a great view we had from the top! After the climb down, we looked around Mulberry Hall; it’s a very nice store known for its crystal and fine china. Some of the pieces in there were sooo pretty!

It finally came to the time for me to say bye to my fam. They were going to stay in York one more night but I had to get back to London to catch my flight the next day. I said bye to them all and headed back to the hostel to pick up my luggage and went to the train station. On my way to the hostel though, it started pouring! Thunder and lightening seemed like it was right overhead! I had bought an umbrella earlier in the day because the weather was pretty grey so I was prepared. I got on the train and in 2.5 hours I was back in London.

When I got home I packed and said bye to Gareth since I wouldn’t see him the next day. Then I had a great sleep in my comfy bed!


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Melissa said...

High tea sounds just delightful, and what a prime spot you got!

One of my favorite things to do in a city is to get up somewhere high and get a good view. So many European cities have the perfect place to do just that. It's always such a treat!