Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Back Home

I'm back home now on Paros. I had a great trip last week and I've posted each day just recently, so take a look at the last 6 or so postings!

I'm glad to have my bike back so I can just leave whenever I feel like it instead of waiting for a bus or train. I'm back to work too and it's going well; still 4 hours per day but will increase in Oct. I may also move into my suite this week or the next, so I've been cleaning and organizing. I'm also buying the last few necessities and trying to pretty it up!

Sunday was Sofia’s Name Day (Χρόνια πολλά!) so Tony’s parents and I went to the grandparent’s in the evening. Tony’s grandma, as well as his sister, is named Sofia. Most of the family was there; we had a huge meal and I watched as everyone talked very loudly. It was entertaining!


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