Friday, September 22, 2006

Around Paros

Yesterday after work, I went to Naoussa for a few hours to look around. It’s the second biggest town on the island (population: a whopping 1,200). It’s a cute fishing village; it’s also where most people come out to go dancing at the clubs. It is full of cute shops and cafes, including the one below where you can literally sit right on the water (waves permitting!) When I got home, Markos taught me how to make fish soup; it’s pretty easy and it tastes so good!

I went for a walk today after work in a very isolated area. It’s near home (about a 2min drive) and there are barely any houses around anywhere. There is complete silence when you walk down the gravel roads except the odd fly or gecko scurrying about. It was really hot too! I walked for about an hour and bushwhacked a little. I had to watch out for snakes and scorpions because they are deadly here and I was wearing flip flops! I didn’t expect to go off the road but I found a cool lookout spot!

I rode a little further around a mountain and got a great view of the big valley on the North part of the island. I took a panorama shot and in it, you can see Paroikia and Naoussa. I live closer to Paroikia.


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Melissa said...

Love the panorama! I can't believe those tables and chairs don't get washed away. What an amazing place to lounge over a meal!