Monday, September 18, 2006

Tuesday, Sept 12 - Oxford

We had a great buffet breakfast at the hotel and headed back to Oxford on the bus for a 10am C.S. Lewis tour. It was interesting; we got in a van and the tour guide took us all around Oxford to see the different sights where C.S. Lewis grew up, went to school, to church…We saw some nice places. There are schools everywhere in Oxford! We saw where the Rhodes Scholars studied and a really strange “art piece” a shark sticking out of a roof (the artist still lives of the ground floor!)

After the tour we looked around in a huge bookstore called “Blackwell’s”. There are kilometers of bookshelves! I bought a few books there since the selection was so good. We then all decided to take a train north to York; we had originally thought we’d rent a car and drive in the Cotswold’s or go south to Brighton, but we made a good decision! The train took about 4 hours and we found a hostel to stay at for the next few nights.


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