Monday, September 18, 2006

Mon, Sept 11 - Blenheim Palace

I’m back at home now on Paros and I had a great week of traveling! I’m going to post for each day of the trip or else it would be way too huge to be one posting. Below: Heidi, Lisa, Aunty Bev, and Eric having tea at Selfridges (Sunday).

I got up and packed for a mini trip. I met my fam at their hotel at 10am and we hopped on a train at Paddington and headed to Oxford. Once we got there we jumped on a bus to go to Blenheim Palace (close to Oxford). The palace was beautiful! We took a little tour inside and walked around the grounds and gardens. There was a nice rose garden and we took a little mini train to the Pleasure Gardens which had a hedge maze, jumbo chess game, butterfly room, lilac garden, and a mini village.

Close to dinner time thunder clouds rolled in and we saw a few forks of lightning; that was our queue to get out of there! We were going to head back to Oxford to find a place to stay for the night but Bev had found a cute little village right near the palace so we ended up staying at a nice little hotel called “The Bear Hotel”(below). We then found a place to have dinner at “The Kings Arms”. After all that walking it was so nice it have a shower and watch TV in bed!


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Melissa said...

What a cute hotel! That area sounds positively charming. Great day trip!