Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Officially moved in to my suite!

Last night was my first night down below in my suite (the electrician finally finished what he had to do). I’ve been working on it and buying things for it for over 2 months so it’s nice to actually be able to live there now. I bought a few last minute things (lots to buy if you move into a place from scratch!) and I had to buy a hot water tank that was installed today.

My first day was full of putting away stuff and organizing. I wanted to have a cute little dinner and tea to celebrate my first night, but of course I bought all the basic food stuff like: olive oil, milk, vinegar, salt, pepper…etc, but I didn’t have any actual food to eat it with! Lol! So I ate some cereal and had water instead (no sugar for the tea). Oh well! Today I bought some actual food.

It’s kinda weird, like I’m playing house and don’t actually live there. I guess because everything is new except for a few pieces of furniture. I think I’m really going to like it! I put down a rug so it’s cozier; and it looks more livable now that my stuff is in. I bought a nice big quilt too to snuggle up in! My kitten loves it that I’m down here to visit him more.

I didn’t have a good first sleep though because of some major strong wind! It was loud and I felt bad that my kitty was out in it! (no room for a stinky litter box inside). Fortunately during the day it became really hot so I went swimming for the first time in a few weeks.

In an earlier post I put up some before and after photos of what we did to the place and I didn’t put up the washroom because it still needed work. So here it is! Oooooooooo!!!


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