Monday, August 21, 2006

Swearing In

I haven’t been near the computer much in the past few days but a few things have happened. On Aug 16, there was a grand opening of a public square by the port in Paroikia; there was dancing and music in the evening. Sophia was apart of the dancing too (below, in the pink):

On Saturday, Tony had his swearing in ceremony at the Army base. His parents and sister went over on the ferry to watch. I got quite sick with a cough and cold so I stayed home all day in bed. Below are some picks from the Army base:

They all came home at around 11:00 Saturday night. Tony has some time off until Tuesday morning when he has to take the ferry back. He has been quite bored in the Army so far, so he tried out for Special Forces and made it through all the tests. He will find out within the next few weeks what’ll happen and where he’ll be based.

Oh ya, and I was supposed to start my job today; so I went down there at 9:00 but my boss is cleaning up the place this week and it’s a little slower so I’ll go back there a week from now (next Monday) to start. I’m kinda glad because Tony leaves tomorrow morning so I have today to hang out with him now!


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