Thursday, August 24, 2006


Yesterday, all 5 of us headed across the island to Naoussa for one of the yearly celebrations. It celebrates an event that took place hundreds of years ago; Pirates came to the island, burnt ships, and stole the women; but the Paros men fought back and eventually the pirates were beaten and the women returned. They re-create this event in the harbor area complete with boats “on fire” with flares, pirates jumping onto the land and stealing the female dancers from the stage. It was a crazy scene! Women running around with pirates after them! After the whole drama was over, some of the pirates were thrown into the water off the dock. It was pretty funny! It was all topped off with a fireworks display.

We had a good spot right on the edge of the dock. I got a cool shot of the fish near the surface of the water.

Below are some of the boats that the pirates came in and a shot of the stage in the Naoussa harbor.

There are some cute shops and interesting kiosks selling stuff in Naoussa. Here is a kiosk that sells things made out of shells as well as an assortment of stuffed marine life.


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