Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Yesterday (Mon) was officially my birthday! So now I’m 25 years old…or as I like to say: 24 + 1 day old. I had a good birthday too! On Sunday we went to the water park and yesterday was a nice relaxing day. An unexpected thing happened too: I received a bag with a present in it from Tony’s family and inside was a tiny orange kitten with a red ribbon around its neck! I miss my big orange kitty from back home so I’m happy to have one over here now! He can’t replace my “Monks” but he can be the Greek version! He is sooo tiny; he must be no more than 6 weeks old. He was going to be homeless if someone hadn’t offered to take him so I’m so glad they decided to get him for me!

Later in the day Tones and I decided to go snorkeling at Houhlaka again. Before the beach, we went to a store to get some more equipment. With some of my Bday money, I bought a nice pair of flippers and a fancy snorkel that doesn’t let the water in. This time we didn’t fish for sea creatures we just explored along the coast. The water was calmer this time so the fish were out as opposed to staying close to the rocks. It was really beautiful! There were some very colorful fish and schools of fish just floating around the open water. We went out further and it got quite deep (about 30 - 40 ft) and you could see the bottom quite clearly. Jellyfish were also floating about so we had to keep an eye out since they have tentacles and can sting! Tony and I are getting interested in underwater exploring and want to get diving licenses when we go back to Canada.

After snorkeling, we had dinner and ice cream birthday cake (sooo good!). Manolis and Annie came over for a bit too and the 4 of us headed to town (Parikia) and went for coffee with Manolis’ sister Flora and their friend Ilias. We ran into Silas and Sophia and I don’t know how this started but we played a game of “Telephone”. It was hilarious because we didn’t all speak the same language (2 of us could only speak English, 3 of us could only speak Greek and another 2 could speak both). The beginning word turned into gibberish by the end!


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Happy Birthday, M!