Friday, August 04, 2006

Silky Smooth

Today was a long but fun day! We did some errands in the morning including opening a bank account. We started painting when we got home and got a lot done; probably a few more days and it’ll be done! Silas came down to help for a while too. Sanding the window below:

After working on the suite for a few hours we all (Tony, Silas, Sophia, Linda, me) headed to a beach near Marmara. This was a great beach! Tony and me went snorkeling and there were such neat rock formations in the water. There was a large rock out in the water right below the surface so when we stood on it, it looked like we were standing on the water.

There is also natural mud there that you can put on your skin. It’s powder that you get from the cliffs and you add water to make a paste and you stick it everywhere; on your face, body, and hair. I thought it was just for fun but when I took the mud off, if left my skin soooo soft and even my hair was silky soft! We had fun playing cavemen and doing all the silly things people drenched in mud would do! Next time I come here, I'm bringing a jar so I can take home some of the mud!


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