Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Before and After

Well, here are a few pics of my little garsoniara (or bachelorette pad). It went from dirty and full of stuff to a cute suite with a Mediterranean feel.
I still have to decorate it and hang up pictures, buy or make more art for the walls, add plants eventually, and buy a few more things like a night stand and lamp. But I think it’s looking really good compared to what it used to be! It’s not quite livable yet since the washroom needs a bit of work and may be redone; but my cat lives down there and loves it!

We started in the middle of July and worked for a few hours a week. I have spent about 775 euro on it including: all the paint, light fixtures, fridge, microwave, stove top, kitchen supplies, bed supplies, cleaning supplies, mirror, towels, outlet covers, etc.….the list goes on!!! So it’s not bad! I have all the necessities. All I really need now are things to make it pretty, which I don’t have to buy right away.

I will post more pics once the bathroom is done and the front patio looks nice (I’m going to buy a little table and chairs so I can eat out there!). There is a bunch of land around the patio that I’m thinking of putting a little garden in and grow herbs, tomatoes, etc…I have no clue how to be a gardener but maybe I can try! I’ll need something to keep me busy when everything shuts down for the winter and I can’t swim as much.


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Melissa said...

I love your little apartment! It's very simple and yet self-sufficient. The floor is way cool. And I love the aqua theme. Great job!! Can I come stay there when you go back to London? ;-)