Sunday, August 27, 2006

Big Surprise!

On Friday night, we were all in and getting ready to watch a movie. There was a knock at the door so Linda told me to get it since I was the closest. I thought it was one of the neighbors from downstairs but when I opened the door, it was Tony!!! I was soooo surprised! I didn’t know when I was going to see him next and here he was on the doorstep! The first thing I said was “What the heck are you doing here!?” lol. He found out he was able to visit just that morning, so he phoned Linda and told her he’d be coming and not to tell anyone.

I had a fun weekend hanging out with him. We had to do some errands and computer fixing stuff but we got to go to the beach too. Today we had souvlakis for lunch and then headed to Molos (the beach with the mud) with Linda, Sofia, and Silas. On the way there, we drove up a big hill to a monastery to take pics and enjoy the view. You get a view of a bunch of beaches and the whole South/East side of the island. The road getting up there was very steep with sharp turns.

After a hot day it was nice to go to the beach and swim. The best part of this beach though is the mud! Linda, Tony, and I covered ourselves in it. It makes your skin and hair feel so nice! Tony and I decided to dig a big hole to completely cover ourselves in the sand. It was so relaxing, we almost fell asleep!

Tony has to leave on a 1:30am ferry tonight though, so it was short but sweet. I start my job tomorrow and Sofia and Silas leave for Canada tomorrow too. It’ll weird with them gone and starting a new job. I’ll get into more of a routine. I’m kinda looking forward to work seeing as though I haven’t worked full-time since I left Canada in March! Lol!


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Melissa said...

That last picture is too cute!