Monday, August 28, 2006

New Job and Army Update

This morning was my first day of work and it went well. My boss wants to start me off slowly so I can get used to how things are done. I’ll be working 4 hours per day for now until later in Sept when it increases to full-time (right now I work 9-1 which is great because I have the rest of the day to do what I want!). I think it’ll be a nice place to work and it seems laid back and easy going; for now anyways! Right now it’s just the two of us but later in Sept others may also work there. (Oh ya! In case you don't know what type of work, I'm doing Graphic Design, so I'll create ads, brochures, business cards, maybe websites....)

Silas and Sofia just got on the ferry to go back to Canada today. It’s just Linda, Markos, and me now. It’ll be strange not having them around! It'll take a while to get used to I think.

I really want to start getting my butt in gear and learn Greek. It gets really annoying when I can’t understand people. Now, that I’ll have a lot of “me time,” I’m going to try to study as much as possible! The operating system at work is in Greek so that’ll help me learn it too.

Tony’s back in the Army today after a night on the ferry. He was quite bored in the Army at the beginning so he tried out for Special Forces and made it through all the tests. He had a choice of what to specialize in: sniper, diving, parachuting, explosion technician, etc…. He chose to be apart of the dive team (they do water rescues, dive to sunken military vessels, that kinda thing); it’s one of the toughest areas you can get into;
not many people end up in it till the end. It’s very respectable if you can finish it and once you’re done, you have the training to be a diving instructor, open a diving shop, become a police officer…etc. There are 3 stages of “boot camp”; Tony is now in the first stage (started last week) and he said over 100 people have dropped out already within the first few days! He moved to a different base closer to Athens. He’ll be there for a little over a month; then, if he’s still in it, he’ll move to an island base (probably Rhodes). It’ll be interesting to see what happens. Already he has to take showers in freezing cold water and do exercises and running all day in the sun with barely any break so it’s tough but it’ll get worse (much worse)! I'm not sure when I'll see him next, probably in 3-4 weeks (hopefully no longer than that!)


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